Stunlock Studios

About Us

Stunlock Studios, nestled in the picturesque town of Skövde, Sweden, has been crafting games since 2009. With a legacy of five games that have captivated millions of players worldwide, our journey in the gaming world has been nothing short of magical.

In our realm, imagination knows no bounds, legends are forged, and breathtaking worlds come to life. Embracing the essence of classic games, we infuse them with innovative ideas, stunning visuals, and imaginative mechanics, all designed to deliver unforgettable player experiences. We are fearlessly dedicated to pure gameplay and creating challenges that push the boundaries of your abilities.

At Stunlock Studios, we strive for greatness in our craft and in our games, bringing together a diverse team of talented developers fueled by a vibrant community of players. Unleash your inner hero and create a lasting legacy, whether as a passionate player or a valued member of our team.

Stunlock Studios

Our Values


Greatness is not just a goal; it's a way of life.

We aim for greatness in our craft and in our products by attracting, honoring and mastering our wide range of skills – from the accomplished Concept Artist to the world-renowned Engineer. Don’t settle for epic, go for legendary!


Yes we can!

We stand tall and conquer challenges. We embrace the spirit of change, invest in the power of improvement, and fearlessly challenge trends. The courage to take a different path and use your inner magic makes us succeed!


Striking the right balance in games and life.

We’re on a mission to find the perfect balance in our games. And equally important, we’re also striving for a long-term work-life balance. Crafting games is undeniably a job, but it's undeniably the most awesome job in the world!


We embrace new ideas.

The voices of our employees and players are essential in our quest to create great games. We value open ears and mutual inspiration among our team. Our rockets are fueled by the synergy of many minds, and together we can reach for the stars.

Stunlock Studios

Our Team

Julia Ahlberg

General Artist

Jonas Alenius


Patrik Alvesand


Johan Aronson

Senior Concept Artist

Filippa Arvidsson

Technical Artist

Linus Asplund

Lead Artist

Viktor Blomqvist

Concept Artist

Philip Ruuska Boquist


Julien Costard

VFX Artist - Consultant

Ruth Dominguez

Marketing and Data Officer

Daniel Fahlström


Jeremy Fielding

Community Manager

Martin Fors


Niclas Forsell


Rickard Frisegård


Srdjan Grgic

Lead Graphic Artist

Erik Grönlund

Game Designer

Fredrik Haraldsson

System Programmer

Rasmus Höök


Johan Ilves

Marketing Director

Peter Ilves

Game Director

Petra Lidén

Creative Marketing Manager

Fanny Lindblom Laux

3D Artist

Edvard Lindström

UI/UX Designer

Martin Lövgren

Creative Director

Michelle Magnusson

3D Artist

Adrien Neto

VFX Artist - Consultant

Kristoffer Persson

Game Designer

Tau Petersson

PR & Event Manager

Olov Skiöld


Emanuel Strömgren


Dag Brynildsen Tholander

Graphics Programmer

Albin Thunström

Technical Animator

Christoffer Thörnqvist

System Programmer

Max Tiilikainen


Helena Toresson


Johan Wahlbäck

Art Director

Tara Wahlbäck

3D Artist

Filip Wannerskog


Linn Wilhelmsson

3D Artist

Jimmy Åström

Engine Programmer

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